Why Are Dental Implants A Good Option for Teeth Replacement?

Why Are Dental Implants A Good Option for Teeth Replacement?

Dec 01, 2022

If tooth loss is a global problem, dental implants have become a popular option among many to replace missing teeth. Dental implants become necessary for various reasons where tooth loss from severe decay, injuries, periodontal disease or unsuccessful root canal therapies make tooth removal necessary.

Leaving an edentulous gap in the mouth untreated causes significant damage whether you lose one of several teeth. The gaps between your teeth will appear ungainly and can also result in additional problems. While you can avoid tooth loss with proper care, accidents can happen without warning. If you have lost one of several teeth, there are many options to replace them. However, let us compare the opportunity with an excellent solution dental implants to replace your missing teeth with natural-looking and functioning alternatives.

Which Option Is Excellent for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Fixed bridges were the primary auction for replacing missing teeth for several years. The procedure to get them involved tooth structure removal of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap to cement a dental bridge. Fixed bridges are dental crowns that help fill the void of a lost tooth. Fixed bridges are aesthetic solutions, and the support provided by the adjacent teeth prevents the new artificial tooth from moving.

However, the teeth supporting the bridge bear the brunt of the chewing forces. Therefore, the forces stimulate the jawbone to prevent deterioration. Unfortunately, as the missing tooth area doesn’t receive stimulation, jawbone deterioration occurs at the site. The degeneration eventually causes your face to sag and change structure. In addition, the area beneath the fixed bridge traps food articles to damage the neighbouring teeth. In such cases, your dentist might have to make longer bridges to replace the adjacent teeth.

If you have several missing teeth and find yourself in a situation that prevents replacing them with fixed bridges, your dentist might suggest partial or complete dentures. While this solution helps replace missing teeth, it does not stimulate your jawbone, causing bone shrinkage. It results in frequent visits to the dentist near me or adjustments and replacements.

You confront another situation with dentures because the removable appliances are unstable and tend to slip and shift, causing sores on the gums. Therefore you face challenges when eating and speaking even as you think your smile appears beautiful but hold yourself from speaking because of the fear of slippage of the appliances in your mouth.

The Dental Implant Option

Presently replacing a missing tooth or teeth with implant-supported bridges and crowns is an excellent option. The dental implant acts as your artificial tooth root after insertion into your jawbone to support one or more teeth. The other options can attach to dental implants in Mississauga, ON, to receive stable support.

The cosmetic dentist in Mississauga, ON, connects the crown or bridges to the dental implant with help from clips, special cement, or screws. As the dental implant bears chewing forces, the underlying jawbone receives the stimulation it needs to prevent jawbone resorption.

Recently, dental implants are considered excellent options for replacing one or a complete arch of missing teeth. Not only do they have a natural appearance they also function like your natural teeth. Most importantly, they help strengthen your mouth by providing it with the missing stimulation it needs to keep your jawbone healthy.

Caring For Teeth Replacement Solutions With Dental Implants

Your investment in dental implants can make you think you must invest more in unique dental tools and incorporate special techniques to maintain your artificial teeth. However, you will likely express surprise when the Mississauga provider suggests that you merely care for your teeth like your natural ones by brushing twice daily, flossing once, using your teeth for the purpose designed and getting six monthly oral prophylaxis to ensure you don’t develop infections in your mouth.

Your surprise increases significantly when the dentist informs you dental implants don’t attract tooth decay. However, do not be overconfident that the restorations will not attract infections because you remain prone to gum disease occurring from dental plaque accumulating on and around your teeth constantly. Therefore you must remain careful with your dental hygiene practices and receive cleanings and exams every six months as directed by the Mississauga provider. In addition, allowing gum disease to develop in your mouth results in implant failure, which you wouldn’t want after undergoing a lengthy procedure for your replacement teeth.

Forest Park Dental Arts suggests dental implants to most patients with good oral and physical health as replacement solutions for missing teeth. If you want to benefit from this replacement solution scheduling a dentist consultation with this practice enables you to start planning for dental implant placement today.

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