Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary?

Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary?

Aug 01, 2021

If you have tooth decay, you will need to visit the dentist. The dentist will determine if tooth filling is necessary to cover your decay or not.

A dental filling is an alternative dental procedure that can be used to treat tooth infections. Other procedures that can be used instead of dental filling include tooth extraction, root canal, and so on. The major factor that determines whether or not a person will get a dental filling is the condition of the person’s tooth decay. The dentist will examine how much the tooth has decayed, the extent of the decay is what the dentist considers when deciding what dental procedure to use to treat the person’s tooth decay.

People have begun to accept the concept of dental filling as a better way to treat tooth decay over root canals and tooth extraction. This is because the procedure is painless and the possible side effects are few compared to other dental procedures. Nonetheless, some people still prefer root canals and tooth extraction to a dental filling.

Why Might You Need A Dental Filling?

Tooth filling or dental filling as the name implies is used to fill a hole in a tooth. This hole is called a cavity and it is not a natural occurrence. So, what causes a cavity? When we eat, particles from the food we eat are caught between the teeth. These particles if not removed will decay in the teeth and produce bacteria. These bacteria will begin to multiply and find a tooth or some teeth to feast on. If something isn’t still done at the early stage, the bacteria begin to eat deep into the teeth causing all sorts of problems for the person.

The teeth might become sensitive to weather, the person might experience pain or swelling in the mouth. There are a lot of symptoms that are associated with tooth decay. When the tooth begins to decay, a hole can be seen in the tooth. this whole is called a cavity. When you visit a dentist near you in Mississauga, ON because of your tooth decay, the dentist will examine the decay to know if you need a tooth filling or not.

Why Are Tooth Fillings Necessary?

There are different types of dental fillings that are available. If the dentist suggests that a patient should get dental fillings, the dentist will explain all the dental fillings options for the patient to choose from. For better understanding, the dentist will let the patient know about each dental filling procedure step. At this point, it now comes down to whether or not the patient wants dental fillings. If you are at this point, here are some reasons why dental fillings are necessary.

  1. It clears any sign of tooth decay: When you want to get a dental filling, the dentist first cleans the tooth and goes on to fill the cavity. After this is done, there will be nothing left of the tooth cavity and no one will know that there was ever a cavity. It also helps to prevent the spread of the bacteria that brought about the infection that made the tooth decay. This is important because if the spread of these bacteria is not contained, the bacteria can cause us on the teeth and when this pus touches another tooth, the other tooth becomes affected. So, dental filling helps to assure that both the affected tooth and the other ones are healthy.
  2. It returns the tooth to normal: The symptoms of tooth decay are not in any way human-friendly. From the excruciating pain that people feel to the hypersensitivity of the tooth, tooth decay always causes discomfort for people. Filling the tooth helps the person’s tooth return to normal and takes away the pain. The tooth is no longer sensitive to heat and can perform its other functions effectively.
  3. It lasts long: Dental fillings do not wear off quickly. They are designed to withstand corrosion so they can stay for up to ten years before they begin to wear off. Using dental fillings, you can eat anything you want to, anyhow you want to, and any time you want to.

Get dental fillings for your cavity and you can be confident enough to smile. If you do not treat tooth decay fast, it might eat the tooth too deep for a filling and the tooth will have to be extracted.

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