What’s Better Invisalign or Braces?

What’s Better Invisalign or Braces?

Jan 01, 2022

When straightening the teeth of patients, dental professionals use various techniques, including braces or Invisalign. The methods help patients achieve straighter teeth with an ideal position, improve their appearance, and encourage proper functionality. Traditional braces make use of metal wires aiming to get the perfect movement or position for the teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign utilizes a series of clear plastic aligners as the means to achieve the position.

What’s excellent about orthodontia is that the use of braces or Invisalign helps do more than merely straighten teeth. Braces and Invisalign also help correct bite issues requiring unique diagnosis and treatment.

Invisalign Vs. Braces

People desiring to straighten teeth without a mouthful of metal can consider Invisalign as an alternative treatment if suitable for the therapy. Invisalign clear aligners remain virtually unnoticeable in the mouth when worn by patients. However, Invisalign treatment is ideal for patients with mild to moderate malocclusion making many patients unsuitable for the treatment.

On the other hand, traditional braces can correct even the most challenging conditions of aligning the teeth. Whether patients decide to have coloured braces or stainless steel braces, the appliances are not aesthetically pleasing. However, they are functional and beneficial in closing gaps and correcting crooked teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Using Invisalign is an excellent method for uncomplicated tooth movements. A series of clear computer-generated trays must be worn by patients 20 to 22 hours every day, changing them every two to three weeks. Patients can also consider some varieties lasting for six months or more. However, the alternatives require retainers to prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

The optimal advantage of Invisalign is the removable feature of the aligners allowing patients to remove them for a couple of hours every day to have the foods they love and maintain excellent dental hygiene. Besides being virtually invisible, Invisalign helps people that do not want anyone to realize they are wearing braces. Invisalign allows people to achieve straighter teeth without feeling uncomfortable in social situations. Invisalign also offers comfort because it does not affect the patient’s speech.

Invisalign treatment is beneficial and works efficiently for aesthetic purposes instead of merely improving the functionality of the teeth. It is why many patients with complicated dental problems are recommended traditional braces.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

Traditional dental braces provided by Forest Park Dental Arts feature brackets running along a wire. Patients concerned about their aesthetic appearance with metal wire and methods can consider getting ceramic braces from this facility. Fixing dental braces to the teeth is the responsibility of an orthodontist or other dental professional. The wires and brackets forming part of the braces are attached to the patient’s teeth. The attachment supports gradual movements helping to align and straighten teeth correctly.

There are various reasons why patients can consider traditional braces over Invisalign. Unlike Invisalign treatment, highly beneficial to aesthetic purposes and straightforward dental issues, traditional braces are functional and work efficiently when fixing complicated tooth issues. Braces also work faster when closing gaps or aligning teeth than Invisalign.

Many patients have confirmed that braces work by moving misaligned teeth in a relatively shorter period because the use of dental materials to align the teeth also helps to fix bites and create an attractive and healthy smile. The functionality of traditional braces helps patients to boost their self-confidence. Traditional braces are also beneficial to correct malocclusions like crooked or crowded teeth and bad bites.

Trying to determine which option is best suited for any patient is challenging unless an expert determines the specific need in every case. Therefore, an evaluation by the specialist from the dental facility mentioned above is optimal and necessary before patients decide they want Invisalign or traditional braces.

It helps if patients realize both treatment modalities are excellent for straightening teeth to give them a beautiful smile. Invisalign is an excellent alternative for metal and wire braces delivering fantastic results for mild to moderate misalignments. Invisalign treatment is also comfortable and does not saddle patients with restrictions when having the foods they love or brushing and flossing their teeth.

Traditional braces have been around for over a century and are considered the gold standard for straightening teeth. Unfortunately, they are not aesthetically pleasing but deliver results unmatched by Invisalign.

Therefore patients desiring straighter teeth and a beautiful smile will do well to contact a specialist to determine the complexity of their condition before they decide on any particular variety for teeth straightening.

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