Understanding the Process of Tooth Preparation for a Dental Crown

Understanding the Process of Tooth Preparation for a Dental Crown

Sep 01, 2023

Dental crowns effectively restore damaged or weakened teeth, providing strength, functionality, and an improved appearance. The process of preparing a tooth for a crown, also known as crown preparation, is a crucial step in ensuring an effective and long-lasting restoration. This article will explore the actions involved in preparing a tooth for a crown and shed light on the procedure. Our dentist near you in in Mississauga, ON at Forest Park Dental Arts , offers high-quality dental crowns and expert crown preparation processes to help patients achieve optimal oral health.

Step-by-Step Dental Crown Preparation Procedure:

Comprehensive Examination:

The first step in crown preparation is a comprehensive examination by a skilled dentist at Forest Park Dental Arts. The dentist will assess the affected tooth’s condition, considering factors such as decay, cracks, or previous restorations. X-rays may also be taken to evaluate the underlying tooth structure and ensure the tooth is suitable for a crown.

Numbing the Area:

Once the tooth is deemed suitable for a crown, local anesthesia will be administered to numb the surrounding area. It ensures a comfortable and pain-free experience during the crown preparation process.

Tooth Reshaping:

The tooth needs to be reshaped to accommodate the crown. The dentist will use specialized dental instruments to remove a small portion of the tooth’s outer layer. This step is essential to create space for the crown and ensure a proper fit.

Impression Taking:

After tooth reshaping, an impression of the prepared tooth and neighboring teeth will be taken. This impression serves as a mold, capturing the exact shape and size of the tooth to be sent to a dental laboratory for crown fabrication.

Temporary Crown Placement:

When the permanent crown is being fabricated, a temporary crown will be planted over the prepared tooth. This temporary crown protects the tooth and provides aesthetics and functionality during the waiting period.

Custom Crown Fabrication:

At the dental laboratory, skilled technicians will use the impression to make a custom-designed crown. They will consider factors such as the tooth’s shape, color, and alignment to ensure a natural-looking and seamless fit.

Crown Placement:

Once the custom crown is ready, the temporary crown will be detached, and the permanent crown will be carefully planted and adjusted. The dentist will ensure proper alignment, bite, and aesthetics before permanently bonding the crown to the prepared tooth.

Why Choose Forest Park Dental Arts for Dental Crown:

Forest Park Dental Arts is committed to providing exceptional dental care and high-quality dental crowns. Our experienced team of dentists near you utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise dental crown preparation and placement. We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, delivering optimal oral health and beautiful smiles.


The process of preparing a tooth for a crown involves several important steps to ensure a successful restoration. Our expert dentist in Mississauga, ON, offers expert crown preparation procedures and high-quality dental crowns to restore damaged or weakened teeth. Through comprehensive examinations, precise tooth reshaping, and custom crown fabrication, we strive to provide optimal oral health and patient satisfaction.

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