Tooth Extraction Boosts Your Overall Dental Health

Tooth Extraction Boosts Your Overall Dental Health

May 01, 2021

Did you ever believe that having your tooth extracted boosts your overall dental health? The mere mention of dental extraction treatment brings to mind the financial implications of having the extracted tooth replaced. You don’t think how an infected or problematic tooth causes issues in your mouth to harm your overall health. At that particular moment, your only thought is to run away from tooth extraction services to avoid enduring the pain or expenditure of having the tooth extracted.

Are you aware of why your dentist has recommended tooth extraction over any other restorative procedure? You probably have severely decayed teeth, an impacted wisdom tooth, overcrowding or have suffered trauma to the mouth causing severe fractures necessitating the recommendation. Dentists don’t recommend tooth extractions unless it is for the benefit of your oral and overall health. However, our dentist near you would have figured out the precise reasons for your oral issue before recommending an extraction.

What are the types of Tooth Extractions?

Most dental extractions fall into a couple of categories. They are:

Simple Tooth Extraction

Your dentist performs a simple extraction if the crown of your tooth has emerged above the gum line. You receive local anesthesia before the procedure, after which your dentist loosens the tooth with instruments called elevators. After that, the tooth and its root are removed from the jawbone and gums. This method is often chosen if you have a severely infected tooth that cannot be preserved or address overcrowding.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

Surgical extractions are required on a tooth that hasn’t wholly emerged from the gum line. Surgical extractions are standard if you need to receive wisdom tooth extraction treatment. Here again, you obtain adequate local anesthesia or sedation before the dentist makes an incision to expose the tooth below the gums. If required, the tooth is split into many pieces to enable quick extraction.

Familiar Reasons Why Dentists Recommend Tooth Extractions


Sometimes dentists recommend tooth extractions if you are planning orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or metal braces. Orthodontic treatments help push your teeth gently into their correct alignments, which may necessitate removing one or more teeth if insufficient space is available in your mouth. Simple extractions help remove overcrowded teeth comfortably.

Severe Decay

If you neglect tooth decay and don’t address a cavity appropriately, the bacteria eventually infect the dental pulp. Dentists recommend root canal therapy to save your natural tooth. Unfortunately, an extraction is the only remedy if the cavity is severe to weaken the tooth structure. A simple extraction helps remove the extracted tooth and prevent the decay from spreading to your neighboring teeth, gums, jawbone, and your bloodstream. Allowing the infection to reach your bloodstream causes severe health complications affecting other parts of your body. It is why dentists recommend tooth extractions if you have a severely decayed tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

Unfortunately, your third molars, called wisdom teeth, aren’t wise enough because they don’t fit the human jaw presently. When wisdom teeth begin pushing through the gums between 17 and 25 dentists, recommend a surgical extraction. It is vital to have your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible before they get impacted or infected. Many men and women don’t have to undergo this procedure because their wisdom teeth emerge wisely without causing any problems.

Recovering after Tooth Extraction

Following a tooth extraction, it is vital that you understand and carefully adhere to the dentist’s recovery directions. If you have undergone a simple extraction, you will recover faster than a surgical extraction. However, the recovery period can vary between patients.

Our Dentists in Meadowvale, Mississauga provide a prescription for antibiotics to prevent infections besides painkillers. During the days following the extraction, you must stick to a diet of soft foods while the extraction site is healing. It is an excellent time to enjoy yourself having ice cream, keeping in mind you also need nourishment available from soups, yogurt, et cetera.

It would be an excellent idea to stay away from all tobacco products before and after dental extraction. Tobacco products in any form contain chemicals that hamper the healing procedure. Your dentist recommends using an oral antibiotic rinse until you can brush and floss your teeth after recovering.

Tooth extractions are performed for many reasons, like preventing decay from spreading or making more space in your mouth for orthodontic treatments. However, if your dentist recommends tooth extractions understand the benefits of tooth removal outweigh any risks and put you on the path to enjoying excellent overall health.

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