Emergency Dentistry in Mississauga, ON

If you wake up in the morning with a painful toothache or one of your kids falls from their bike and breaks a tooth, you will have a place to get the damage assessed and treated. When you come in for urgent dental care, our emergency dentist near you in Mississauga, ON will relieve the pain and treat the tooth so that you can resume your life.

Do You Need Emergency Dentistry?

Before getting into the car and heading off to a dentist, you should assess the damage and decide if you need an emergency dental visit. If you’re in pain, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help lessen or eliminate the pain. You should take a pain reliever until you can make it into our office for emergency dental care. A broken tooth is an emergency and any tooth that is bleeding due to trauma. An infected tooth or an abscess in your mouth also requires a visit to emergency dentistry near you.

An emergency dentist’s goal is to help save teeth that could otherwise die before you can get treatment for them. Contact our emergency dentistry when you have a severe toothache that doesn’t respond to an over-the-counter pain reliever. Also, contact our emergency dentistry when you have an infection in your mouth, like an abscess, or a tooth gets broken or knocked out of its socket.

Our dentists at Forest Park Dental Arts in Mississauga can treat your tooth and possibly save it until you can contact your regular dentist and get an appointment to treat your tooth further.

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