Dental Bridges in Mississauga, ON

Many people with missing teeth are embarrassed by their appearance, so they may not laugh and smile like they once did. If your smile embarrasses you, then you should consult with our dentists at Forest Park Dental Arts in Mississauga, ON for options to replace missing teeth. One option is dental bridges.

Best Dental bridges Near Mississauga, ON

Our dentists can show you different options for bridges to close the gaps left by missing teeth. If you’re only missing one or two teeth, then a traditional or fixed bridge might be your best option. A traditional bridge consists of a dental crown on each end and pontics, or fake teeth, in the middle that replaces the missing ones.

This bridge is supported by natural teeth on either side of the gap. The crowns at each end of the bridge fit over the natural teeth to provide it with strength, and it is bonded to them permanently. The dentist will trim the natural teeth so that the crowns can fit over them to hold the bridge in place and allow it to function like natural ones.

Cantilever Bridges

Our dentists at Forest Park Dental Arts in Mississauga, ON may suggest using a cantilever bridge if there is only one natural tooth anchoring it. A cantilever bridge consists of one dental crown and pontics that take the place of the missing teeth. These dental bridges usually replace the front or middle teeth as dentists don’t recommend them for replacing back teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Another common type of bridge that is becoming more popular as implant-supported bridges. They are similar to traditional bridges, except they don’t use dental crowns over natural teeth for support. Instead, they attach to dental implants embedded in the jaw to support them.

Implant-supported bridges do not require alterations to adjacent teeth to support the bridges. Also, there isn’t any concern about a bridge slipping or falling out while talking, laughing, or eating. If you have missing teeth, then consult with our dentists in Mississauga, ON about dental bridges.

They will assess your teeth and recommend the best bridge for your needs, whether it is a traditional, cantilever, implant-supported, or another type of dental bridge. Call 905-785-6306 to schedule an appointment today.

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