How Your Mouth Can Impact the Rest of Your Body?

How Your Mouth Can Impact the Rest of Your Body?

Aug 01, 2023

Your oral health is incredibly essential for multiple reasons. If you suffer from infections like gum disease, cavities, or halitosis, you have issues with your teeth and mouth. However, your mouth is a pathway for bacteria to spread to your body. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream to cause inflammation and infection in other parts.

Oral health and its effects on overall health are significant. For example, when you care for your teeth and mouth, you keep your mouth and entire body healthy. Therefore the care you provide to your mouth helps prevent severe issues later.

The Dental Practice in Meadowvale, Mississauga, will encourage you to practice an excellent dental hygiene regimen at home while promoting overall health and wellness. The dental team at the practice cares for every patient making it clear that maintaining oral health in optimal condition can keep your teeth and mouth feeling great with your overall health.

Potential Problems Occurring Due to Poor Oral Health

Although experimenters are still trying to reckon the link between oral hygiene and systemic health, it has been established that your body gets affected by systemic diseases described below if you do not maintain proper oral hygiene. Some conditions that might affect you include the following:

  • Respiratory Infections: the bacteria from infected and inflamed gums can conveniently transfer to your lungs resulting in respiratory infections like pneumonia or bronchitis.
  • Dementia: inflamed gums release substances harmful to brain cells resulting in memory loss due to the bacteria spreading to the nerves.
  • Cardiovascular Disease: if you maintain poor oral health, it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. The bacteria from a gum infection can enter the bloodstream to cause plaque buildup in arteries exposing you to a heart attack.
  • Prostate Problems: Men affected by periodontal disease may also develop prostatitis, which causes irritation and other prostate-related problems.
  • Diabetes: people with diabetes are more probable to have gum infections than people without this condition. Gum infections make controlling diabetes challenging because of unregulated levels of blood sugar. In addition, gum disease can result in higher blood sugar levels, making people affected by gum infections more vulnerable to the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Infertility: poor dental hygiene in women is associated with infertility. Women suffering from gum disease often become victims of infertility, making it challenging for them to conceive or have healthy pregnancies.
  • Cancer: improper oral health can also increase a patient’s kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancer risk. Additionally, patients using tobacco are also at risk of oral and throat cancer.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: people with gum disease will likely have rheumatoid arthritis because the bacteria in the mouth aggravate inflammation in the body, increasing the risks of this painful condition.
  • Kidney Disease: kidney disease is a health issue affecting the kidneys, heart, bones, and blood pressure. Periodontal disease can result in kidney disease because patients with this condition have weaker immune systems making them susceptible to infections. Although the dental fraternity has little information on how dental issues can affect other parts of the body, investigations are ongoing to determine the precise reasons. Many people with improper oral hygiene also battle kidney disease, resulting in kidney failure if left untreated.

How to Prevent Health Issues Emanating from the Mouth?

If you try to understand the mouth-body connection and its implications, you will realize it is vital to care for your oral health to prevent severe health issues from affecting you later. To keep your overall health in optimal shape, you must schedule regular dental exams with the Meadow Vale dental practice to clean your teeth and mouth and avoid any issues before they arise.

The Meadow Vale dentists always put patients fast and make them realize the importance of oral health for overall well-being to ensure everything looks and feels great. If they observe any concerns, they discuss them with you and create a tailor-made treatment plan to care for issues right away before they aggravate. Most importantly, they advise patients to brush and floss their teeth daily, refrain from using tobacco in any form, use mouthwash containing fluoride, have a well-balanced diet and avoid sugary and starchy foods besides getting exercise to improve their overall health.

When you care for your dental health, you prevent its impact on your overall health. For example, excellent dental hygiene helps prevent problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, and more severe health issues.

Forest Park Dental Arts provides excellent dental care for all patients, including children. Accordingly, if you are looking for a dentist in Meadow Vale, book a consultation with our dentist for your next dental exam to receive the help you need to prevent your mouth from impacting your entire body.

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