Facts Worth Knowing About Mouth Guards

Facts Worth Knowing About Mouth Guards

Feb 01, 2021

Wearing a mouthguard whenever necessary can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. A well-fitted mouthguard provides an ample amount of cushioning to your teeth, jaws and gums, in case of any unexpected impact to the mouth or face area. They are mostly used in sports or when participating in any high-impact activities. Mouthguards are also used for medical reasons like in the case of sleep apnea or to control bruxism.

Mouthguards Help Prevent Injuries

Some of the most common injuries they help prevent include;

  • Trauma to the teeth – The guards are able to absorb the force of any impact to the face, ensuring that your teeth stay intact and do not crack or break.
  • Concussions and Brain Injuries – This may seem far-fetched but it is actually true that mouthguards can offer some protection from brain-related injuries. When a blow hits your jaw, the impact is softened by the guard, thus protecting your brain.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – These include your lips, gums, tongue and inner cheeks that are shielded from the teeth. so, in the event of a fall, your teeth cannot chomp down on these soft tissues to cause a split or tear.
  • Protects Orthodontic Appliances – If you have any dental appliances fitted like braces, it helps to use a mouthguard when need be. This not only saves the appliances from damage but also prevents them from causing injury.

Who Needs a Mouthguard?

At Forest Park, the dentist recommends the use of mouthguards for both kids and adults. Some of the situations that might make it necessary for you to use one include:

  • You have been diagnosed with bruxism, a condition that causes you to grind and clench your teeth uncontrollably.
  • You participate in contact sports like basketball, hockey, soccer and boxing, that increase the risk of you suffering a blow to the face.
  • You take part in high-impact activities with an increased risk of falling like gymnastics and skating.

There are Different Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards serve different purposes and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. You can have them prescribed by a dentist or purchase them over the counter. Common types of guards you will come across include:

  • Custom Mouthguard

These are created to match the unique features of your teeth and mouth. They are customized at the dentist’s office to ensure a comfortable fit and adequate protection. These types of guards are the best as they address your specific needs. You will definitely pay more for them compared to other types of guards but in return, you get a professionally constructed guard that maintains its integrity over time.

Custom guards are made using an impression of your teeth. the impressions are sent to a lab where the guard is molded using instructions from your dentist. You then get to try them on to determine if they fit well or if there is a need for adjustments.

  • Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Just as the name implies, they are prepared through boiling and biting. You will get a plastic mold that needs to be heated to become soft, then you allow it cool and proceed to bite down on it so that it takes the shape of your teeth and gums. They are available over the counter and are moderately inexpensive. The only problem is that they offer minimal protection due to a poor fit. Their reliance on your ability to equally distribute biting pressure to form the mold does not guarantee a perfect even fit.

  • Stock Mouthguards

These are a type of one-size-fits-all mouth protector. They come molded and ready to wear. Challenge with them is that they tend to be bulky and cannot guarantee a good fit since they are not specifically made for your teeth. they offer the least protection compared to other types of guards.

There are also adjustable over-the-counter guards that are often used at night. They include sliding pieces that lie between your teeth as you sleep to minimize the effects of teeth grinding and clenching. To find out which type of guard suits you best, visit Forest Park Dental Arts for a personalized consultation without a well-trained and friendly team.

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